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Dental Hygiene & Prevention in Thornhill

At RV Dental in Thornhill, our team and dentists believe that prevention and good oral hygiene for the whole family is important in maintaining your teeth and long term health.

Hygiene and Prevention Services, Rutherford Dental, Thornhill

Prevention First

We know the importance of helping our patients prevent oral disease before it happens. Through routine check ups and routine cleanings, we can help you prevent oral health issues and maintain a healthy smile.

Did you know; clinical studies show a direct relationship between clean teeth, healthy gums and a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes? There are many factors to overall good health which are impacted by your oral hygiene.


Dental sealants are thin coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth in order to protect them from tooth decay. This is where most cavities start. Sealants protect these areas by keeping germs and food particles out. Sealants are painted on and do not require removing any tooth structure. We recommend treatment after 6 years of age, when the first permanent molars appear.

Sports Guards

Prevention is about looking ahead and protecting you and your loved ones so that unfortunate accidents don't happen in the first place. You wouldn't think twice about putting a helmet on your kids while they bike would you? Why not protect their teeth too?

Sports guards are certainly used in any contact or physical sport where trauma can result in concussion or physical damage to the teeth. They provide a protective barrier that is custom fit to the mouth. Concussions are a serious thing. When impact occurs,even when wearing a helmet, the teeth can hit each other from the force of the blow and unless they are cushioned, damage can occur.

By wearing a sports guard you provide the cushion that absorbs the shock, protects the teeth and helps avoid concussion.

Night Guards, Grinding Appliances and TMJ

Many people grind their teeth and it doesn't just happen during the day either. Those who have the habit, usually do so at night while they sleep and this can cause a variety of unwanted effects such as wearing down the teeth, receding gums, headaches, TMJ disorder as well as disturbing those around them with that awful noise! Grinding appliances can help. If you or someone you know is having issues with grinding their teeth, our team is standing by to give you the advice and solution you need to address this, often times, unconscious behaviors.

Dental Hygiene in Thornhill

At RV Dental we believe that regular oral hygiene appointments are important for your overall good health. Let us design an oral hygiene program, specifically for your individual needs. Our dental professionals are here to help.

Not only do our patients receive that wonderful 'clean teeth feeling' after their visit but our family dentist Dr. Green can spot problems that may occur LONG before they become difficult on the patient or costly to correct.

Cleaning & Appointments

The dental hygienists at RV Dental are dedicated to your oral health. They provide you and your family with routine cleanings to help maintain your oral health. We recommend that you visit your hygienist once every six months. At-home dental care is also very important to maintain a healthy smile. Our dental hygienists will teach you how to properly brush and floss your teeth to make sure that you have all the tools you need to keep your mouth healthy.

Diagnostic Services

When you come in for your hygiene appointment, your dental health team will also provide you with diagnostic services. These include oral examinations, x-rays and even oral cancer screenings.

Working With You

After your dentist has an overall picture of your oral health situation, he or she will review your recommended customized treatment plan. Our patients needs are very important. Our goal is to listen closely to your concerns and work with you to create an oral health plan that works for your situation.

To learn more about dental hygiene and prevention please contact a member of our team.

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