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Why Does My Tooth Hurt? 5 Possible Answers

If tooth or gum pain is plaguing you, contact your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. In this post, our Thornhill dentists explain some possible reasons for your pain and what you can do until you get to the dentist.

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Your Child’s First Dental Cleaning: What to Expect

According to our Thornhill dentists, here is what you may anticipate from your child's first dental cleaning.

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How to Avoid Needing a Root Canal

While a root canal is an effective way to treat an infected tooth, it's always best to avoid needing one in the first place! We believe prevention is the first line of defence. Here, our Thornhill dentists explain how you can avoid needing a root canal.

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How To Tell If You Need a Dental Filling

Do you have a cavity? You'll probably require a dental filling to restore your tooth. Dentists have different types of fillings at their disposal. Today, our Thornhill dentists discuss why you'd need a tooth filling, and describe different types of fillings to consider. 

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10 Oral Hygiene Tips

Preventive hygiene care, including brushing and flossing, and regular visits to your dental office, can help you maintain your oral health. Here, our Thornhill dentists share their best oral hygiene tips.

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